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Telescope Grinding Machine

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  • 100inch telescope mirror on grinding machine Calisphere

    100 inch telescope mirror on grinding machine at Mount Wilson Observatorys Pasadena laboratoryImage courtesy of the Observatories of the Carnegie Institution for Science Collection at the Huntington Library San Marino California

  • telescope grinding ball mill machine optical instruments

    Ball Mill Highly Efficient Grinding And Milling Machine 1012017 One machine that is heavily used for crushing and grinding tasks is the ball mill This machine is described as a grinding

  • Telescope mirror grinding machine pottery wheel CN

    Mar 04 2021 Up for sale is my telescope mirror grinding machine pottery wheel I used this machine to grind a telescope mirror and it worked great No more walking around the barrel Could be adapted with an overarm for a fully automated grinding machine 125 shipped to CONUSA Includes 3D printed mirror holder mirror blank not included as seen in

  • Telescope Mirror Grinding Machine Crusher Mills Cone

    Telescope mirror grinding machine Mirror making and optical testing The images below show the completed grinding machine in its new garage in October 2001 GrindingPolishingMachine LCAO Telescope Making Telescope Mirror Grinding and Polishing Machine After I had made the 41cm telescope mirror by hand I had decided that I needed a

  • AstroTel Mirror grinding machine

    MIRROR GRINDING MACHINE I made my first mirror grinding and polishing machine over thirty years ago It used the working principle of the machine illustrated at A Fig3 Page 163 Amateur Telescope Making Book 1 A bowl which rotated was fitted to the spindle

  • Making a homemade mirror grinding machine ATM

    Mar 06 2006 Making a homemade mirror grinding machine posted in ATM Optics and DIY Forum I want to make a motorized mirror grinder any good info on this i have a couple geared motors low speed high torque One more question will 1 12 shaft size pillow block bearings work good for a homemade EQ mount Thank you John

  • Making my own fixed post mirror grindingpolishing machine

    Oct 15 2012 Page 1 of 2 Making my own fixed post mirror grindingpolishing machine posted in ATM Optics and DIY Forum Hey guys Im thinking of making my own fixed post mirror grindingpolishing and curve generating machine Ive got loads of questions regarding the design so Ill just start firing away Do I need an eccentric moving tool to be able to polish a mirror spherical

  • Amateur Telescope Making Main Page Stellafane

    Amateur Telescope Making Main Page For it is true that astronomy from a popular standpoint is handicapped by the inability of the average workman to own an expensive astronomical telescope It is also true that if an amateur starts out to build a telescope just for fun he will find before his labors are over that he has become seriously

  • Constructing a Grinding Machine for large apertures ATM

    Nov 19 2018 Page 1 of 2 Constructing a Grinding Machine for large apertures posted in ATM Optics and DIY Forum Ive been using a 45 equatorial from Orion for many years now and Ive finally got the time and money to build a telescope from the ground up Unfortunately my local astronomy club has noone with experience with ATMing Given how interested I am on the subject prospective

  • Mirror Grinding Machine G W Ritchey National Air and

    George Willis Ritchey built this mirror grinding machine at the Yerkes Observatory in Williams Bay Wisconsin in the late 1890s Under the sponsorship of George Ellery Hale the machine was used to grind a series of telescope mirrors starting with a 24inch and then a 60inch mirror for a telescope initially intended for the Yerkes Observatory

  • Newport Glass Works LTD Grinding Polishing and Figuring

    Thin Telescope Mirrors Abridged from an article appearing in Telescope Making 12 Provided Courtesy of Astronomy Magazine There are several ways to support the mirror on a grinding and polishing machine turntable but first make sure the turntable itself is rigid It must not bend If your machine lacks a sturdy turntable one way to

  • Mirror Grinding Machine Hackaday

    Sep 26 2006 The true test of the amateur astronomer is building their own telescope Grinding and polishing your own mirrors is a long arduous process Instead

  • Telescope Making Supplies

    Throughout the grinding and final lapping stages the objective has been to reduce pits and scratches to the smallest possible size However no amount of grinding can produce a surface smooth enough or sufficiently transparent to meet the needs of a firstclass telescope objective Different techniques are

  • Mirror grinding Telescope making

    A good starter size is the 150 mm 6 mirror A 200mm 8 will also work Most ATM books and websites recommend a Pyrex mirror blank but in my opinion annealed plate glass is better for this first learn and practice mirrorIt is cheaper it is softer and grinds faster needing less abrasives and with these small sizes the low expansion glass like Pyrex has no practical visible at

  • MirroroMatic mirror making machine ATM pages of

    MirrorOMatic grinding machine When I decided in 2009 after a tenyear break to get into mirror making again it quickly became clear to me that I would need to construct machine as hand grinding big mirrors is not something very beneficial for the hands of a musician

  • Mel Bartels Amateur Telescope Making

    The IAU named asteroid 17823 Bartels discovered 1998 by JMRoe in recognition for my contributions to amateur astronomy Making is the Key to Knowing A telescope mirror is arguably the most accurate surface made by human or machine Amazingly you can grind a mirror by hand and make a telescope with simple hand tools

  • mirror grinding building

    Building a fixed post mirror grinding machine 13102019 Things I need to probably change or fix My gearing of the DC motor I will need a slow speed for polishing 5 rpm and faster speeds for hogging out and fine grinding 15 30 rpm so likely need to think about adding a gear reduction

  • tut44 Making A Mirror Grinding Tool

    Making A Mirror Grinding Tool By Allen Malsburry The average person would never think I can make my own telescope Most amateur astronomers believe I can buy a better telescope than I can build Neither is actually correct For many decades now amateur

  • Parabolizing a Telescope Mirror BBAstroDesigns

    The goal The goal of parabolizing is to produce a mirror that focuses light perfectly at the highest powers Our mirror must meet the following two criteria 1 The wavefront at the eyepiece cannot vary more than 14 wave of green light peak to valley and should be much less than this over much of the wavefront

  • Grinding Machine for Large Telescope Mirrors

    Grinding Machine for Large Telescope Mirrors I designed and built a grinding machine for mirrors up to 42 inches 11m in diameter By slipping on and off a couple of belts the machine can quickly be reconfigured for spinning work or for stroking work The machine can also work smaller mirrors if the drip pan is moved to the fast shaft on

  • Astronomy Options Astronomy Mirror Making Telescopes

    Currently manufacturing a 16 diameter 1 thick plate glass f388 Newtonian telescope mirror Doing this with my new fixed post grinding machine built this summer Work is progressing well and very efficient Started project in August 2013 and at this point I am ready to move on from 25 micron White Aluminum Oxide to 9 micon White Aluminum

  • Making mirrors for giant telescopes

    Fine grinding and polishing of Segment 2 took less than half the calendar time as the same operations for Segment 1 Development of tests for the GMT offaxis segments was a major challenge Like all modern telescope mirrors they are measured with an interferometer and a null corrector shown in Figure 12 The null corrector converts a

  • Stellafane ATM Make a Tile Tool

    The well used tile tool at right illustrates a couple of maintenance issues 1 Tiles Grind Away You may grind through your tiles at the edge especially if you are making a very fast low focal ratio mirrorIn that case you can epoxy a second layer of tiles on over the first

  • Making the 20 inch Conical Mirror Pierre Lemay

    To do these operations I built a grinding machine which would be used throughout the project My grinding machine shown in these pictures was based on Dilworths grinding machine seen in the NovDec 1977 issue of SampT The grinding machine has three spindles The right spindle is the one on which the mirror is mounted


    GRINDING A TELESCOPE REFLECTOR WITH TOOLGRINDING DEVICE By George F Tauchmann Grinding telescope reflectors of 15inch diameter and over makes it necessary to employ a motordriven turntable Small mirrors are generally ground and polished by rotating the tool fastened to the turntable and working the mirror blank by hand